The national football team of Italy recently won the European championship. Italian fans are more than satisfied for now. However, the legends of the team are getting old. Fans are looking at younger players with hope. The manager Roberto Mancini seems to love giving younger athletes a chance to prove themselves. Some of these players have the potential to become the next world-class stars. Football fans worldwide are already familiar with some of the most promising Italian youngsters. For instance, athletes like Gianluigi Donnaruma, Sandro Tonali, and Moise Kean have already made their name on the international stage. Still, other Italian youngsters have the chance to become very good, but they are less known.

Luca Pellegrini

Luca Pellegrini

One of the most promising Italian football stars. He is officially enlisted at Juventus, but he is temporarily a member of the Genoa squad. The bosses at Juventus saw his promise early on and paid 22 Million Euros when he was still just 19 years old. Pellegrini has all the raw qualities to become an international star one day. He is very hardworking and has the raw talent to match his motivation.

Pellegrini is not afraid to engage in one on one challenges and often succeeds. He has a great pace and acceleration, so Luca Pellegrini is useful for counterattacks as well. He also has the pass accuracy to deliver extremely dangerous crosses. His style involves going past his opponent and delivering an extremely accurate pass into the box. These skills are a deadly combination for any left-back. While he was enlisted in Cagliari, he accumulated 5 assists in 24 appearances.  

The young man has already been called up to represent Italy on an international level. All signs point to the fact that Juventus bosses see Luca as an invaluable investment.

Daniel Maldini

This young man is going to continue his father’s legacy. He has already shown a lot of promise and coaches are confident in his abilities as well. He has started from youth teams at AC Milan and gradually earned his spot in the main squad. So far, Daniel has only made 5 appearances for AC Milan in Serie A. The kid is a great playmaker and has the raw talent to make his mark when he grows up. Daniel’s stats are amazing. Most notable is his passing accuracy, which currently stands at 92%. He knows when to press and doesn’t shy away from helping his defenders. Daniel has a great eye for the game and can predict actions before they occur. He has the great passing ability as well. Daniel can use both feet. He can play almost everywhere: on the wings, as a traditional 10 as well as other attacking positions. 

High-ranking bosses of Milan expect a lot from the son of Paolo Maldini. So far, Daniel seems to use this to motivate himself to perform better day after day. 

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