Injury time – late goals

An additional weapon here will be the peaceful generation of your funds, because you can play for even the minimum initial stakes, which, by the way, is suggested when trying this solution. Remember right away that it is important to always play only such stakes, which in case of losses will allow you to continue without unnecessary and nervous movements. But let’s get down to business, the authors of the time-out and late goals strategy divide the whole thing into two stages.

How the time-out strategy works

watch and hand

In the first stage, only leagues from Southern USDope are selected: Greece, Portugal, Spain, Turkey or Italy. Extra time in these places and in matches that start at 21:00 is very likely and usually the referees add five minutes here. Even in the case where it is 0:0 and neither side puts much emphasis on winning, the referees at these venues will spare no time. The author of this text started such games with starting stakes of $1 per game, then raised it after a series of wins. The second option is to play for goals in the late minutes of the match. As statistics show, meetings that start between 10:00 and 15:00 are poor in scoring until the 60th minute, so the bookmaker’s range from 61 to 75 will be very helpful. The situation is different for matches between 15:00 and 20:00, when goals are scored even later, from 76 to 90 minutes. In such a solution it is often enough for you to win one out of ten bets to come out on zero, which is an excellent result and will certainly work. The suggested leagues for these systems are weaker leagues, albeit targeting teams that are leading in them. Both of these plays are considered to be effective, but remember that you can help yourself with the right promotions, odds selection and maintenance. Each of these factors is important, which is why we mention a few words about it below.

Sports offers with numerous bonuses


The list of promotions here is long, especially since these are divided into many specific categories. There are also tournaments where you can compete against other players from all over. There is also an interesting option to collect points, which you can then exchange for real money. This means (if such an option appears) that the bookmaker has decided to strongly support players and regulars. Anyway, you will receive money even for bringing your friends and its registration on site. There is no shortage of seasonal events, such as those related to the Olympics. Always stay up to date, as you might just miss something. In terms of promotions, however, the most important one will be the one on your first deposit or on your first bet. How it works. The player decides to make a deposit in a specific value, after which sports betting doubles this amount. The values used for this vary from brand to brand, however, you can count on a lot of financial support here in any case. Don’t forget about the other perks too, from free bets, free bets, cashback through VIP promotions and more.

The sportsbook offerings tend to be extensive and well regarded – at least, that’s how it should be. Several factors contribute to this, but one of them is the possibility to bet on football, but also basketball, volleyball, handball, ice hockey, tennis and many others. There is no shortage of little-known sports that could seemingly be excluded, meanwhile, Fortuna makes sure that players can always match their passions to the line-up. Of course, there are also numerous additional events such as handicaps, goal scorers, corners, fouls, cards, halves and final scores. There are so many possibilities that everyone will be satisfied. Don’t forget that on bookmaker websites you can also play using mobile devices, so your tablet or smartphone will work just as well. It doesn’t matter what software you use, whether it’s iOS or Android. For all you daredevils out there, we recommend checking out the Live system where you play matches that have already started, which makes it easier to analyse and make concrete decisions based on the match and the event. In this list you will find not only football, but also other sports that offer important matches at the moment.


Finally, we will add about one more valuable indicator. When it comes to online companies (but also stationary ones), they take their customer very seriously, so you have the assurance that if you need help, you will get it right away. They have prepared and implemented a very attractive FAQ system, where you can see questions and answers to the lion’s share of issues that may concern you. The most important thing, however, is the service, which works on the basis of live chat. Thanks to it you will receive the support of a consultant who will be assigned to your account within a minute. He will immediately proceed to the resolution of the dispute, which also affects the level of satisfaction. Everything here is additionally supported by responsible gaming, an issue for those potentially at risk of addiction. If necessary, you can check whether you have got into trouble and, if so, take further steps, such as temporarily blocking your account.

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