How do multiple bets work?

Multiple bets in a nutshell: instead of betting on several simple outcomes separately, we combine them all on a single ticket. To give you a better understanding of how cumulative bets work, let’s look at an example. Let’s say you want to bet on four games from the Brazilian Championship. You choose the games, determine who will be the winner in each one, and how much you wish to bet on each game. Normally this is how every bettor does it when he wants to place a simple bet.

However, there is also the option of betting on the same games, but in a combined or cumulative way. The advantage of a single bet is that the risk of financial loss is much lower, although the profit is also reduced if compared to a multi bet. Normally betting systems automatically calculate the odds for each match. If you bet, for example, $ 100.00 on the four results in a multiple way, you can get an absurd profit depending on these odds.

  • Be careful however that all outcomes must occur for your bet to be a winner
  • Aim for a smaller stake when opting for a multi bet

The Combination Bet – The Profit Driver


As the stakes are multiplied, the potential winnings increase rapidly. The difficulty with combinations is that all the lines on your card must be correct. If a mistake occurs, you miss out on the considerable profit.

Following our German League example, we have increased the number of bets on two more matches.

  • Amount invested: $10
  • Bet Odd: 1,72 x 3,75 x 2,70
  • Total Odd: 17,42
  • Possible profit: 174,20 dollars

How to place combined multi bets?

There are a few types of multiple bets that you should consider. The most common is the combined multi bet. It is advantageous over the single accumulated ones, since even if not all your results come out, you can still have a chance to win something. It’s worth noting that this will depend on the type of syndicate bet you’re placing. So see below what the sub-types are and what their advantages are.

The first type is the 2/4 combination with six bets. In this type you will make four predictions. From these, six multiples of two will be formed. This means that at least two of the four predictions need to be correct for you to make any financial returns. Then there is the Heinz Combined Multiple, where you make six predictions. This results in fifty-seven bets. There are fifteen multiples of two, fifteen multiples of four, one multiple of six and twenty multiples of three.

The system bet – the safe bet


The third type of bet known is the system bet. It is used in particular to secure multiple bets. On a betting card, several rows are bet simultaneously. Even with one or two mistakes (depending on the system and quota ratio) profits can still be recorded. Most system bets can at least limit some of the losses. Obviously, system bets also have a negative fact. The potential returns are significantly lower than the comparables.

Still following our example, in three matches, the “2 out of 3” system can be played. In this case, the betting card consists of three sloping lines: AB, AC and BC. We assume in our hypothesis that 1. FC Cologne, i.e. match C, does not win, while FC Bayern and Hertha BSC come out on top. As a result, the system bet is settled as follows.

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