What are the alternatives to 1×2 bets?

Let’s see some examples:

  • Handicap: The handicap market is a universe in itself, but there is one line of betting that is virtually the same as 1×2 betting: the -0.5 handicap. If the bettor makes an entry at -0.5 (speaking here in football exclusively, note), it is the same as saying that the team he bet on must always be one goal ahead. It is the equivalent, therefore, of 1×2 bets.

Live: 1×2 bets can be placed at any time, including live betting. Does this mean that a pre-match Moneyline entry is the same as a live entry? No, because live odds are volatile and change according to the score at the time.

Multiple bets: As we said, an interesting way to explore the 1×2 bets is making multiple bets or inserting them in betting systems. The tip here is not to look for such high odds on Moneyline itself, but allow the multiplication of smaller odds to form an interesting total.

Offers and promotions for 1×2 betting


As we know well, many bookmakers offer bonuses and special offers to their customers, especially for new customers (but not limited to them). It is interesting to note, therefore, how these special opportunities relate to 1×2 betting.

Most bonuses for new users work in the form of bonus per deposit, that is, the player receives an amount of credits corresponding to the amount he deposited in the bookmaker, and that is where it can be useful to take advantage of the promotion to place 1×2 bets.

As it is well known, there are rules to activate these bonuses, the famous Terms & Conditions, and in general they propose the activation of bonuses through rollovers, which are nothing more than the obligation of the player to use the values obtained a certain number of times and in bets with odds of a certain value.

It is simple, then, add 1+1 here: the 1×2 bets are great options to activate rollovers. In general, the house requirement is odds above 1.50 (there are variations, however).

On the other hand, it is possible to receive bonuses aimed directly at the 1×2 betting market. It is the case of free bets to be used in a specific game, or even a seasonal promotion to bet on the victory of teams sponsored by the operator. It is a case in which, inevitably, the promotion requires the punter to enter 1×2 betting.

Practical example of 1×2 betting

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Nothing better to understand 1×2 betting than effectively using a practical example, albeit a fictional one. As it is a very common market in football, will be our first example, but later we can talk about the use of 1×2 bets in other sports, including those that don’t have a draw. 

In another scenario, in the match São Paulo x Cuiabá, the punter prefers to make an entry on the draw of the match. It is the “X” of the 1×2 bets, an interesting entry when you consider that these two teams have drawn a lot throughout the season – so the probability of a draw seems good.

Finally, in the Sport x Flamengo game, the preference is to bet on the away team, which is much better in the championship and plays against one of the worst home teams. The entry in 1×2 bets, in this case, becomes the “2”.

For other sports, such as those that have no tie, the logic is the same, but often the name changes. In American football games, for example, there are even 1×2 bets, but the tie is so rare that often the entry will simply be called “Bet on Winner”.

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